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Rhonda Farfan



Hula Hen by Rhonda Farfan
Hula Hen


Crashed by Rhonda Farfan


Kool Kat by Rhonda Farfan
Kool Kat


Flaming Flamingo by Rhonda Farfan
Flaming Flamingo


Bad Sector by Rhonda Farfan
Bad Sector


Chips by Rhonda Farfan



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Rhonda, a native Oregonian has been involved in making art in one form or another her whole life. Prior to working in glass, Rhonda worked in colored pencil for over 20 years and was on the National Board of Directors of the Colored Pencil Society of America. The transition to the medium of glass with its wonderful colors and relationships to light was, therefore, an easy natural one. Penumbra Glass, Rhonda’s glass business is a result of this transition.

Kilnworking glass is Rhonda’s passion. She loves to fuse and cast glass. Many of her sculptural pieces express an ongoing exploration of whimsy in art. Rhonda also does garden art and more conventional glasswork such a jewelry and kitchenware, as well as commissions.

Rhonda is the past Sponsorship Director of the Oregon Glass Guild and responsible for developing the Patron/Sponsor program for the Guild.

Artist Statement:

“I love to explore whimsy and humor in art which often takes itself way too seriously. I think of my fused stand-up sculptures as “cartoons in glass”. These pieces are work-intensive, requiring at least 2 firings but when finished I hope they make people smile.

The cast pieces are part of a series that not only explores humor but juxtaposes unconventional materials with the cast glass. I have used computer parts as the backgrounds for the cast pieces, embellishing them with fused components. I like the idea of combining glass with materials that might otherwise be considered unusable.”

Contact Information:

Her work is currently at Touchstone Gallery in Yachats, Oregon and can also be seen at the DIVA e-gallery at www.divanow.org

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